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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/14/2017 12:00 am

We will need to add Chapter 1; the abstract, aims and objectives etc. ( sample sheet attached)

in chapter 2 (literature review) please note the doi number is preferable, but if you use the URL which you have in most cases, it should be Retrieved from http: et cetera.

in Chapter 3 (methodology) plesae ensure all is in past tense.

Could you also add a statement that the approach used is also for the use of the deductive method, that is you can either support your findings with prior theory or refute the theory based on your findings….as this is also a deductive study. as we do our analysis we must either agree with or refute our literature review (with citations from the lit review)

as this is what we did and not what we will do. we will need to add a section Role of the researcher. In this section we must talk about what my involvement in the research was….any preconceived bias….how i remainded independent during the data collection process and the data analysis process…..etc


Also in the questionnaires and interview questions….  maybe we could mention somewhere that we did a pilot test for the questions on an employee somewhere in serbia to see if they would understand the questions in terms of leadership etc….this would add to your reliability as well.



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