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Assignment: Individual Reflection: Following and Leading

If you take a closer look at the many roles leaders have in the business world, you might notice that many of them are followers as well as leaders. Most executives within organizations, while they may lead their specific departments, must answer to someone higher in the organization. Even the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies must report to and follow a board of directors. As you progress through your career, you may find that there are many times that your role within an organization requires both effective leadership and followership.

You will write a 2- to 3-page personal reflection on the kind of leader and follower you are, and you will consider qualities you would like to cultivate to be a more effective leader and follower. First, take “The Big Five Personality Test.” Consider what it says about your personality, the challenges you may have in working with others, and the challenges others might have when working with you. For example, perhaps you are respectful and kind to others, but you are disorganized. While you may be pleasant to work with, you have difficulty meeting deadlines and need to remember appointments. If you disagree with the results of the test, consider asking a trusted friend to review the results and see if he or she agrees or not.

Submit your 2- to 3-page Individual Reflection. Your Individual Reflection must:


  • Summarize the results of the “Big Five Personality Test” and state whether you agree with the results. Provide a rationale to support your conclusion.
  • Assess how your personality influences how you lead and how you follow. Draw on your professional and personal experience to provide examples.
  • Analyze how you, as a follower, can contribute to effective leadership in a business organization. Provide an explanation to support your analysis.
  • Analyze how you, as a leader, can encourage effective followership in a business organization. Provide an explanation to support your analysis.
  • Finally, select one personal quality you would like to improve to become a more effective leader and follower. Provide a justification as to why this improvement would be a benefit to you and an organization.


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