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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/16/2017 12:00 am

Individual effort and grade (Word count 1,000-1,250 words [-/+ 10%])


Individually choose a country which you would like john lewis to enter (each student must choose a different county).


1.    Analysis of the target culture (and regional / industry sub-cultures if necessary. The target culture must be unfamiliar to you.)

2.    Explain and justify the most effective Market Entry Method (what aspects of culture affect the choice of market entry method- The emphasis is on cultural influences on the market entry method rather than whether the market itself is appropriate in terms of sustainable demand etc. You also must discuss FDI, use of expatriates and/locals etc. In addition, you may also like to discuss the choice of market entry method depending on the problems that the company has had on entry into the country/other countries before).

3.    Specific cultural challenge after entry (each student should cover no more than 1 of the following topics/challenges. What issues may occur in the following areas in the future, and how might they be overcome?


a)  Leadership and Management

b)  Teamwork (incl. working virtually)

c)    Negotiation and conflict resolution

d)    Communication (internal and external)

e)    HRM related issues:

    - Recruiting  and Selection

    - Staff development and training

    - Performance Management and Reward


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