Project #211821 - principles of finance final part 1

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/19/2017 12:00 pm

For this submission, you will write a response to the following scenario: 

Imagine that you have completed an internship in the finance division of a technology corporation. Your boss, the financial manager, is considering hiring you for a full-time job. He first wants to evaluate your financial knowledge and has provided you with a short examination. When composing your answers to this employment examination, ensure that they are cohesive and read like a short essay. 


RUBRIC ATTACHED. FOLLOW RUBRIC EXACTLY. For some clarification on the rubric : b. “Out of those choices, which would be the smartest private investment option, in your opinion?” This means what exchange would the company want to list their stock on when going public. II c. Regarding investment products. This in relation to individual investors and not a financial manager choosing to go public. As a rule of thumb, the paper should be 4 - 6 pages.


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