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Your major writing assignment for this course will focus on government and individual response to disaster, specifically Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey. In class, we started viewing FRONTLINE: “The Storm,” and you should finish viewing the documentary independently. (available to stream online at Your assignment is to compare and contrast government response to the two storms (at all levels of government—federal, state, and local), as well as to discuss the responsibility that individuals bear in advance of a storm.


At a minimum, you should address the following questions in your paper:

1)      How did government response differ between the two storms? What are specific reasons for these differences? (Make sure to provide evidence!)

2)      Which level of government was most influential in the response to each storm? (Provide evidence!)

3)      In your opinion, do individuals have a responsibility in advance of a storm? Why or why not?

4)      What are some of the reasons that individuals do not evacuate, even under a mandatory evacuation order? (For this question, you are welcome to introduce personal experience.)


This is a formal essay. You should have an introduction (with a thesis statement), a conclusion, and the body of your essay should flow smoothly between topics.



Not following formatting instructions will result in point deductions.

·         At least two full pages and no more than three pages

·         12-pt., double-spaced Times New Roman font

·         1-inch margins on all sides

·         An APA reference page. (This begins on a separate page and does not count toward your page limit.)

·         Citations should be in APA format. (Use parenthetical citations for in-text citations and include a separate works cited page at the end of your assignment. Your works cited page does not count towards your page total. For help with APA citations, the Purdue OWL is a great online resource.)

·         You should have at least five academic sources other than your textbook and the Frontline documentary. Articles from credible news sources will count for the purposes of this assignment. (Wikipedia does not count as an academic source.)

·         Include first and last name, A-Number, class and section on first page. This information should be included in the document header and should not contribute to or detract from your minimum page requirement.



·         You have two opportunities to upload the correct document. The last document you upload will be graded.



·         Grading will be done on Blackboard using a rubric. Once grading is finished, you will be able to log into the gradebook and access both your total score and your rubric scores. (You will need to be on a computer rather than a mobile device to view the rubric. When you are in the gradebook, you will see an icon next to your grade, which allows you to open the rubric.)

·         Make sure to thoroughly review the rubric before raising questions regarding your grade.


·         50 points of your final grade are based on your writing skills while the remaining 100 points are based on the critical content of your paper.


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