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Good Moring basically I need a little help with a Team Project I had to invent a new App no one had which I did.




So after much brain storming I came up with a budget app for debt  for my group assignment. This is how it works it takes extra money from each purchase you make and rounds it up to a special savings account and at the end of the month that money in addition to your minimum payment goes towards paying on your debt. So say you make a purchase for $45 dollars, you swipe with your bank card your bank card rounds the purchase to $50 and that $5 dollars go to a special saving account. With each purchase you make your bank app rounds up. So by the end of the month you could have an additional payment to go toward your debt. 




So this is my new App all I need help with is




Identify my target market and what segmentation criteria I will use to identify it. This is my portion I'm responsible for on my power point slide. This what I have so far.




Those who between the age range of 26-35, typically post college professionals who have student debt and trying to start there life off after coming out of masters, or doctoral programs. Average debt for professional graduates students is around $150,000 dollars.




This is what I came up with so far, but it doesn't flow with my team members portion. I attach my team members portion down below so you can see how I'm trying tie my portion into there's. I need help with my section any in input would be greatly appreciated it.






 Here is My Team Member Portion




Explain your new and unique product/service and include packaging, labeling, and warranty if applicable. How will this add value and differentiate the brand and product from the competition, while encouraging the target market to buy?




RePay Plus is our newest app to help anyone wanting to save more money. Who doesn’t want to save money without really noticing that you’re taking money out?  Sometimes it can get hard to take out money and put it directly on a savings account. Realistically, the average American doesn’t have enough money in their savings account. This is where RePay Plus will help out anyone who wants to save more money or pay off debt faster. Our newest app will simply round up every purchase that you make and the money that was rounded up, will go straight to the savings account. For example, if you make a purchase for $24.99 it will round it up to $30 and $5.01 will go directly to the savings account. Every American makes at least couple of purchases a day and if you think about it, that money that could go towards savings can really add up after every month. This app will do it for you without you doing it because realistically, if it weren’t for the app, rarely anyone would do this. This will help people get out of debt or build up a savings for their future. This app will have a one-time purchase fee and for every person you refer, you will get $5.00 into your savings once they purchase the app. RePay Plus differentiates from competition because it encourages people to save more and have a better future. People will be more encouraged because it will guide them to save more. This will not only help people save more automatically but it will change their future in a great way.




 Identify your target market and what segmentation criteria you use to identify it.


This where I have to put my portion I have a brain crap here at this part.


I  just need a paragraph not a page or critique what I already have.





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