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Essay 2 - Step 3: Annotated Bibliography:             

You will create 8 annotated bibliography entries of the outside sources that you have found to provide support for Essay 2.  Be sure to include at least one source that you could use as a counterargument that expresses a view or perspective different from the one you plan to take in your essay (specifically label this as your counterargument source).  These should be scholarly sources (articles from a scholarly journal or chapter from an academic book).  You may NOT use Creative Schools as one of your sources for this assignment, but you may for your essay - see specifics in Step 6

For each entry, you must include the following: 

  1. A bibliographic citation in MLA or APA format; this is the same as what will appear on your Works Cited or References page.
  2. Summarize: 75-150 words clearly summarizing the source. This will focus specifically on the topic about which you are writing, but will focus more on the author’s thoughts rather than your own thoughts about the subject.  In what is the conversation that the author engaging?  What stand does he/she/they take? This MUST include a direct quote from the article/chapter.  
  3. Assess: 50-150 words analyzing the reliability of the source. Why is it reliable based on the author’s credentials, the publication, and/or date of publication?
  4. Reflect: 75-150 words connecting the article to what you think might be your argument.  You don't have to be sure yet what you want to argue, but you have an idea. How does this article/chapter/website inform your thoughts about your topic?  What aspect of the problem or solution does it help you consider? (For the counterargument source: explain how this provides an alternative position to your own and how it helps you understand the topic on a deeper level.)

(Put each source on a new page; Worth 20 points for each entry x 8 entries = 160 points)  


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